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Updating of the listings retrieved by the Movies Selector has been suspended as of October 21, 2007, when what had been its current listings lapsed.  At this time, raw schedule data covering the next four weeks on all channels has become unavailable.  Presently, data can be obtained for merely the next fourteen days, and this data is formatted in such a way that the existing schedule-extraction macros will have to be revised to work with that data.  No date has been set for resuming the service previously available on this page.
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Want to know when the schedule data will be updated?

At present, listings run through Oct 20 (not counting a few post-midnight hours at the beginning of the next day).  This is a Saturday.  New listings will likely be available Oct 17 (which is the Wednesday prior to Oct 20).  (Incidentally: Requests for listings across the full range of dates, when made with the “All” radio button, provide listings for the first few hours of the Sunday following Saturday Oct 20.)  Updated listings are uploaded once every three weeks.

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